Media technology

Conference technology and audio visual media technology

Welcome to our digital studio - the heart of our seminar and event location. With our state-of-the-art media technology, you can take your events to the next level and produce, record and share your content in the highest quality.

Our digital studio offers a variety of professional media technologies, including cameras, microphones, light sources and (touch) screens. These technologies allow you to create audiovisual content that communicates your message clearly and compellingly. We've designed our studio to be flexible to produce a variety of content, from lectures and workshops to interviews and webinars.

Our media technology also gives you the ability to live stream from your events to reach a wider audience. You can hold your event on-site, but you can also reach people who want to watch from afar.

Our "hybrid event concept" gives you the flexibility to hold your event both on-site and online. With our streaming offering, you can reach a larger audience, and our giant LED Wall provides an immersive visual "on-site" experience that will surprise you and your attendees.

With our digital studio, you can record and share your content in a high-quality production. Book our studio for your next event and make an impression on your event guests. We offer a professional environment to present your message with passion and conviction.