UniCredit Academy Austria

Not only our business is changing – the way we learn is also changing. In order to prepare ourselves for the bank of the future, we offer you a new way of learning: the UniCredit Academy.

You can try out:

  • Podcasts;
  • Learning nuggets;
  • Pulse and reflection formats;
  • Peer Group Learning; or
  • Games

and experience innovative learning - with all your senses!

The new virtual academy comes to you! With different learning methods, learning media, and learning places, you will succeed in creating individual development paths.

Join us in new ways of imparting knowledge and in your personal development. The goal is the seamless networking of all forms of learning and methods in the company and the transfer of what has been learned into everyday working life. In this way, together with your colleagues, you will achieve more learning yield day by day. And – more learning yield leads to more business yield, and thus to your personal success.

The Academy program is constantly adapted to business developments and needs and combines the proven and the new, so you can always discover new and exciting learning opportunities.

Curious? We warmly invite you. Experience the new Desire to Learn. More>>