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From now on there is even more relaxation at the Kaiserwasser with the offer of the GK massage team.

In March Christine starts with classic massage, sports massage, etc. From April you can expect further offers, such as massage according to TCM and much more.


Every new customer receives a 5 EUR massage voucher from GK Studio!

Click on the voucher, print it out and make an appointment right away!

Christine Toifelhart


  • Commercial masseuse, advanced training in osteopathy, energetics, training assistant at the Herricht Institute


  • classic massage with techniques from energetics and osteopathy
  • sports massage
  • foot reflex zones
  • fascia
  • Back and wellness massage


Christine is convinced: "Pain often has other reasons than "simple tension"... often emotions are also bound in our tissue, which lead to irritation and pain.

The combination of classic massage with techniques from energetics and osteopathy not only releases deep-seated tension, but also stored emotions - the treatment has a deeper effect and will last."



  • Christine Toifelhart
  • Tel.: +43 660 10 889 06 

Michaela Graf


  • Tuina Anmo Practitioner, TCM massage, TCM therapist i.A.


  • Tuina massage according to TCM (cupping and moxa)


Michaela explains: "The Tuina is mainly used for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, because the hands are used to work on them. The Tuina can also be used in other areas, including the digestive system, menstrual disorders, headaches and much more.

Sometimes the hands are not enough as a tool and tools such as cupping glasses, moxa herb and Gua Sha must be used. Overall, Tuina is a really cool."



  • Michaela Graf 
  • Tel: +43 650 226 6403


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25 Minutes 29,- 34,-
50 Minutes 59,- 64,-


The prices apply to the treatments of all therapists. They work independently, so please pay directly on site at the appointment.


In case of questions please directly contact the therapists or refer to:

  • Karoline Godina
  • Tel.: +43 660 738 3585
  • GK Team Tel.: +43 676 936 71 19
  • e-mail: