Open Fitness - Week

Join us & Enjoy Group-Fitness

16 to 22 September 2019 or 30 September to 6 Oktober 2019

Choose your preferred week and test fitness courses, the fitness center or try a BIA measurement about your body fitness.

Program & details


Choose your preferred courses with the following program>>

Binding written registration to the InfoPoint via e-mail for the following workouts:
- Jumping
- Hot Iron
Registration directly with the personal trainer in the fitness center on Tuesday and Thursday in the time of 4 to 7 pm.
The composition of body fat, muscle mass and water balance is measured and it can be determined nutritional and training state of the muscles.
Dates everyday from 4 to 7 pm within the open weeks.
Binding written registration to the InfoPoint via e-mail 
Just drop by and try protein snacks and drinks! Everyday during the course program.
The JUMPING® FITNESS Workout uses more than 400 muscles, much more than comparable endurance sports. It is significantly more effective than jogging, while protecting the joints and dynamic exercises improve endurance and prevent back problems.

JUMPING®️ is perfect for relieving stress and making you happy, because this workout spreads happiness hormones! Everyone can participate - no matter what age, weight or sport level. Your trampoline - your pace.

Dates: Wednesday 18.09. and 02.10. each 5.00 / 5:30 / 6.00 / 6.30 / 7.00 / 7.30 pm

Binding written registration to the InfoPoint via e-mail

EMS Training - 20 min for 19 Euro!

Rasa Schiller Bakk.
Tel: +43664 4497203


Massage - Classic massage 25 min for 19 Euro!

Regina Adler
Tel: +4369910124267


Personal Training - -Test unit 30 min for 19 Euro


Dipl. Personal Trainer Peter Schurin
Tel: +4336767105147 

Dipl. Personal Trainerin Elisa Winkler
Tel: +436506913779

Dipl. Personal Trainerin Eva Nevinova
Tel: +436765082135

or via e-mail:

All offers listed above are valid per person 1x and apply to bookings that have been received directly by the trainer / therapist until 06.10.2019.

Prices incl. VAT

In the period from 7.30 am to 9 pm, the spa area and the fitness center will be open during the open weeks.

Show your 7-day-pass at the InfoPoint and you will receive your day visitor's card and you can use the towel service for 1 Euro.

How can I participate

Get your 7-day-pass at the InfoPoint at Kaiserwasser or at the information point (week 37 and week 39 from Mon - Wed 11.30 am - 2 pm) in the dining room at the campus.

  • 10, - Euro per person per week for employees of the UniCredit Group without SportCard as well as Classic Card and SilverCard Tennis owners
  • Free for SilverCard Fitness- and GoldCard owners

    Price incl. VAT.

Special offer "Make 10 from 40"

If you beat the challenge, you will receive a SilverCard Fitness or GoldCard in the first quarter for free!

How does it work:

The weekly ticket is also your personal collection pass. Each course participation is confirmed by a coach stamp.

If you earn 10 course stamps in 7 days, you will receive the first quarter for free and a small surprise gift when you order your SilverCard Fitness or GoldCard.


UniCredit Center
Am Kaiserwasser, Eiswerkstraße 20, 1220 Vienna
Phone InfoPoint: + 43 (0)5 05 05-57520