Fit outside!

OUTDOOR - Training is good for fitness, strengthens the immune system and puts you in a good mood.

Right now, outdoor training is a simple alternative to going to the gym.

Here you find some information on how easy it is to train outside. 

Outdoor Training

Outdoor circuit training

The exercises are powered through in 3 rounds of 60 seconds each, in between 20 seconds "break exercises" such as jumping jacks are done:

  1. Park bench dips (with legs bent or stretched)

  2. Squats or jumped squats
  3. Bench push-ups (high edge or low edge)
  4. Lunge steps (possibly with weights, e.g. a sack of earth)
  5. Burpees (combination of push-ups and squat jump)

  6. Sprints (increase: stair or slope sprints)
  7. Planks (Unterarmst├╝tz)

Correct Breathing

Correct breathing during strength training plays an important role and is one of the factors that determine performance during training. Basically, you should always exhale in the concentric phase (tension) - e.g. when pushing the weight away during bench press - and inhale again in the eccentric phase (relaxation) - e.g. when lowering the weight to your chest.

HIIT Workout (High intensive intervaltraining)

High and low loads alternate. This type of workout is a great change from classic endurance training, it stimulates the metabolism and leads to long-lasting calories being burned. Example of a HIIT training: 30-60 seconds of sprinting (as fast as possible) Then moderate pace for recovery for about two to three times the duration of the exercise phase. Repeat the whole thing and design your training in this way.

Advantages of Outdoor-Workouts

Training can be carried out at any time and in any weather without special equipment.

The imagination knows no limits.A park bench quickly becomes a multifunctional fitness device (dips, push-ups, step-ups, jumps, etc.)

Strengthening the immune system
The blood is pumped full of fresh oxygen, the metabolism and the cardiovascular system are stimulated.At the same time, vitamin D strengthens the immune system and increases the good mood.

Stress relief
Movement and the improved blood circulation ensure that we move from tension to relaxation.Even a short walk can make a huge difference here.