Health & fitness series

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Here you will find our new video series with news about fitness, relaxation and nutrition.

Health & fitness series


The Grinberg Method© is an exciting method to get to know yourself better again through your body. Well-established thought patterns are tracked down and resolved, exhausting situations are recognized, processed and stopped. One learns through the body. The Grinberg Method© particularly appeals to those people who take responsibility for themselves and want to learn about their own bodies.

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How can I plan an efficient training?

Live healthier - more sports!

How is the best way to start it!

Coach Ursula Mitteregger gives tips on all aspects of training, strength and endurance training such as:

  • Design training routine.
  • How can I achieve my goals?
  • Advantages of the respective type of training. Which types of training fit the respective goal?

Mag. Ursula Mitteregger is a health journalist, sports science consultant and has completed numerous fitness trainings.

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