Running training

For all runners!

Do you want to start running with professional help or just improve your running technique!

Then take advantage of the running training organized by the Athletics Sports section of Bank Austria in cooperation with the UniCredit Center at Kaiserwasser.


Alfred Sungi
As a successful professional athlete, he is the Vienna State Champion in cross-country and mountain running as well as many athletics disciplines. He is a state-certified fitness coach and also works as a language teacher.


  • every Wednesday at 5 p.m. (meeting-point at the entrance of the facility)
  • one unit 90 minutes


Free for:

  • Members of Section Athletic and Sport
  • SportCard owner UniCredit Center am Kaiserwasser

UniCredit Group employees can participate if they become a section-member or purchase a SportCard>>


Members of section Athletic and Sports:

All other participants:

Contact and information

Franz Muck
Sektion Athletic und Sports


UniCredit Center
UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser, Eiswerkstraße 20, 1220 Wien, Mehrzweckhalle im UG
Phone InfoPoint: + 43 (0)5 05 05-57520