"Feel good" - impulse

Start now!

Fill up with energy and relax

Find here some tips on how you can do something good for yourself in everyday life.

More energy!

Sour not only makes fun :)

Drink a glass of (warm) water with a bit fresh lemon juice every morning.

Lemon is basic - basic nutrition relieves the organs - and you feel quiker, full of energy and fitter. 

Love yourself!

What do I want?

Schedule a fixed appointment once a week for "things" which you like to do and where you have fun.

Meeting your own needs is important - gives energy, increases motivation and leads to more self-satisfaction. (Walk in the countryside, read an exciting book, enjoy your favorite TV series, etc.)

More serenety!

80-20 rule :)

Ask yourself as often as possible whether you need to get things done with 100 percent perfection.

Perfectionism is not always necessary - often 80 percent is enough to achieve your goal - it spares your nerves and saves energy! More>>

More joie de vivre!

The glass is half-full :)

Think about the many positives things once a day.

Focusing on good things makes you happy - a positive view of yourself gives you self-confidence - smiling strengthens the immune systemMore>>

More power!

Fresh air your power source :)

Plan a short tour (10 - 15 minutes) in the fresh air in the morning, in the evening or in between during your working day.

Exercise outdoors wakes you up in the morning, gives you strength in between and has a calming effect in the evening. More>>

More exercise

fitness is everywhere :)

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of drive, brush your teeth on one leg, etc.

Be creative! More exercise can be easily incorporated into everyday life - gives stability, protects the environment, costs nothing and increases your fitness at the same time.