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The new UniCredit Center – a technical masterpiece

The technical data of the new building are very impressive, with a total area of 20,000 m² and 6,800 m² of floor space.

To make optimal use of available space the building has three floors, with the basement partly located below ground-level.This was only possible because the groundwater level was lowered temporarily by 1.5 metres. A huge concrete shell around the entire building keeps the water at bay. Nothing of this can be seen from the outside – the walls and other structural components of the building’s foundation and the shell are greened and blend perfectly into the landscape. 

The upper floors feature elegant architecture that is flooded with light. Heating, cooling or moderate temperature settings are controlled by environmentally friendly heat pumps and air exchangers. For this reason the building meets the strict standards of a certified green building.

The event and seminar areas have parquet flooring, as does the floor in the multipurpose hall which incorporates a floating floor – the best floor structure for sports halls as it saves the joints.

The underground garage with 52 parking spaces is virtually invisible. Outside you will find an almost real-size football pitch, five clay tennis courts and two beach volleyball courts. 

Adjacent to the water are the lawn and a learning garden, where diligent seminar participants can recharge their batteries with fresh air.

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