Team events at Kaiserwasser

More success with my team!

Motivation, solidarity and team spirit are important drivers of success - not just personally, but also at work. At the UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser you can develop all three of these aspects through sport while also having lots of fun!

Activities without additional costs for equipment

- Football - Penalty shootout
- Table football - Basketball
- Beachvolleyball / Volleyball - Pedal boats
- Skittles - Table tennis
- Tug of war - Cooking togehter
- Nail-hammering - Boccia
- Badminton - Throwing horseshoes



Activities with additional costs from EUR 80, - per person

- Dragon boat racing - Vehicle building
- Beat the boss /
- Bubble football
- Bow & arrow
- Tightrope walking - Escape the room
- Raft building and racing - Climbing wall
- Wheelbarrow race - Football dart
- Rodeo bull - Water football
- Project: bridge building - Rowing
This offer is organised by an agency, including moderation and supervision. Price from EUR 80, - per person + organization fee.


Individual offers with price on request

The event team from Kaiserwasser will also put togehter a tailor-made offer for all types of events and meetings. Book one of our rooms with or without a moderator, for example, and use the creative atmosphere at Kaiserwasser for your workshop, strategy meeting, brainstorming and more.

Or símply use it to celebrate together!