"Disablity" - Wellbeing offer in November/December

Inclusive football

Train with us every Friday!

On 3 December, we celebrate the International Day of "People with Disabilities".

The volunteer association SPIELERPASS is committed to integrating people with disabilities into the sport of football and trains regularly with its teams at Kaiserwasser.

Live inclusion and come by for a free training session on Fridays.


v.l.n.r.: Erich Krell, Stefan Haug, Stefaniya Naydenova, Hans Reinbacher, Thomas Flahndorfer, Nikolas Karner / vorne: Rene Hacker

Nikolas Karner & coaches

Niko played professional football in Germany and in the Austrian national youth team. Through his long-standing football friendship with Felix, who has a disability, the topic of inclusion has always been important for him.

In 2016, he founded the SPIELERPASS association with the aim of making it easier for people with disabilities to get involved in sport, to convey the joy of playing and to raise social awareness for inclusion and sustainability.


Every Friday, everyone with and without disabilities can take part in the training:

1. Training starts at 16.30 

2. Training starts at 18.30 

In addition, interested people with disabilities can train every Monday at the following times:

18.00 - 19.30 


Nikolas Karner

mail: office@SPIELERPASS.at

Tel.: 0664 145 0326