Vision & Mission

UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser

We all invest a great deal of energy and effort in our work and our company, and spend long periods of time with our colleagues in the office. A suitable balance during our leisure time and private life is therefore extremely important.

At the UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser we have great opportunities to achieve this balance through a varied programme featuring leisure activities, sport, training and events. The Center is open to the entire UniCredit community - current employees, retired employees and their families.

At the UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser they can firstly make use of the opportunity to take part in further training, work in a group with colleagues or cooperate in a team. Secondly, they can also simply relax there and gather new strength for their everyday work. The UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser is an ideal place for encounters and for creative and innovative ideas which actually create the continuous success of modern service enterprises such as UniCredit.

In terms of its size and diversity, the Center is unique within the entire UniCredit community and also represents the Austrian showcase project within the meaning of the "working family". We are fully aware that our company needs loyal, healthy and highly trained employees who are well-prepared for the future. The UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser is the ideal setting in this respect.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at the UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser!

Robert Zadrazil

Yours faithfully,

Robert Zadrazil Chairman of the Board of Management of UniCredit Bank Austria

A place of strength and calm

People who are acquainted with me know about my sporting ambitions. I have therefore personally used and come to appreciate many of the numerous opportunities of this modern sports complex at the UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser on several occasions. The unique location, the modern facilities and the dedicated staff make it a meeting point between colleagues who are interested in physical exercise and those undergoing training there or who are a guest at one of the numerous events on offer. The range of fitness courses is becoming increasingly more varied, and they are becoming more widely accepted. I am especially pleased with the very well-attended Kids' Camps during school holidays. And just drop by on a beautiful summer weekend - you will find a sunbathing area full of people.

We, the members of the Works Council, frequently like to use the facilities at the UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser. We hold regular meetings of the Central Works Council and the Vienna Works Council at the Center. A suitable room for information events for employees is always available there.

The UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser has also quickly become the home of many sports sections in the "Bank Austria Employees' Sports Club". With their participation, a large number of successful events have already been held there in addition to regular training sessions in the hall or on the outdoor facilities. For example various volleyball and football tournaments, the Charity Run, the Aquathlon with the related Festival in White, running seminars or swimming courses. This location is also ideally suited as the starting point for the Vienna City Marathon.

Many people envy us because of this leisure and training centre. I therefore urge all colleagues and retired employees to make use of this location.

I am delighted that the Center has increasingly become a place for meetings and relaxation, but also for further training. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the dedicated colleagues who make a contribution in this respect. I am already looking forward to seeing them again during joint activities or when relaxing at the UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser.

Yours faithfully,

Adi Lehner Chairman of the Central Works Council of UniCredit Bank Austria