Enjoy your game!

Our soccer field is laid out with the latest modern artificial turf, which ensures the best conditions for exciting matches. You can practice your sport either on the entire field, which is 88 m long and 59 m wide - this corresponds to international rules - or on the small field with the fixed marked small field dimensions on 3 football fields at the same time. The floodlight system turns night into day if needed!



in EUR incl. VAT
  with SportCard without SportCard
120 min. football (whole outside pitch) 170,-


90 min. football (1/3 outside pitch) 85,-



Please make a reservation before your visit via

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Please note:

  • For fairness reasons, we ask you to make only those bookings that are actually used and to notify the InfoPoint of cancellations at least 24 hours before the reserved date.
  • Before you start your unit please check in and if needed pay at the InfoPoint.